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We are your ally!

Central Alabama Alliance Resource & Advocacy Center

Going Behind Girls Night Out!

Going Behind Girls Night Out!

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CAARAC is a nonprofit organization established by six like-minded individuals who upon viewing HIV as a human rights issue, identified needs in the HIV community and sought to meet those needs through education, advocacy and compassionate social services.  

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HIV Testing




Because I Love You Campaign

How We Serve

Community Testing

We offer free HIV and HCV testing.  Simply schedule a visit with us in the Living Room at CAARAC’s office or invite us to your planned community event.  We can also mail you a HIV self-test kit.  Please contact us for details.

Community Leadership & Development

We offer people with lived experience the opportunity to be empowered through education and training opportunities that allow them to be their own brand ambassadors that will allow them to widen their financial and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Community Education

(1) We offer quarterly health screenings and information seminars. (2) Community conversations to destigmatize HIV/AIDS and engage in critical conversations to address other health disparities as comorbidities, while addressing the intersectionality of these conditions and social determinants of health.  (3) We host partner coffee chats to foster collaboration and build relationships with community allies, and public and private entities.


Ways to Support CAARAC

Supporting CAARAC is easy when you shop on Amazon. Click the link below and a portion of your purchase will go directly to supporting our cause.

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We perform services with compassion and care. We strive to promote hope, tolerance and social justice for all people affected by HIV and other health disparities, and the communities in which they live.

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