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I Love You

The Because I Love You (BILY) campaign began in 2018 by people living with HIV who wanted to discuss HIV stigma, heal themselves of internal stigma, and give a message to the community about their humanity.  The campaign was launched on World AIDS Day 2018.  The concept of the BILY campaign is to shine light on HIV stigma in hopes of diminishing stigma towards people living with HIV within the community.  This is accomplished by highlighting different aspects of positive relationships and to create allies with both those living and not living with HIV in the community and beyond.  


 The overarching goal for the project was to address HIV stigma in the South, which has 52% of the newly diagnosed HIV cases, by engaging communities  in Alabama through community conversations and HIV education.  We hope that by engaging members of the community through education, conversation and relationship building,  we will aid with reducing HIV stigma.

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